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Getting the sod in place is one thing, but you need to protect and maintain it for a truly beautiful yard that lasts year after year. With our fertilization, irrigation, and seeding services, we can help make sure your landscape grows to its full potential and stays healthy in even the worst of conditions. Our efficient crews can install and maintain any system you need.

Take advantage of our agricultural services

"Heartfelt appreciation for the service given to us. Thank you so much! It is refreshing to see our younger generation give such good service."

- Ann and Rick Pariesh

  • Large acreage seeding

  • Agricultural seeding

  • New development seeding

  • Large acreage fertilization

  • Irrigation installation

  • Irrigation maintenance

  • Large acreage mowing

  • Sprigging and plugging

Put your lot in a position to succeed:

While Florida does provide fairly stable weather with plenty of moisture, there are still dips in temperature and, of course, storm season. Trust our staff to help get your landscape ready as we transition from season to season. The right fertilizer and a reliable irrigation system go a long way towards promoting maximum growth no matter what the weather brings.

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Everything your lawn needs

  • Mowing

  • Trees

  • Shrubs

  • Edging

  • Mulching

  • Fertilizing

  • Drains

  • Flexible scheduling

Large acreage? No problem!

Because we have the tools to handle any job, you can count on us to mow and maintain median strips, parks, golf courses, and more. Our experienced staff has an eye for detail but doesn't sacrifice efficiency. Your acreage will be mowed quickly and on your schedule. We can also provide weeding and shrub removal - we want the sod to be the centerpiece of your lot.

Restorative planting

As quick and efficient as our crews are, it still takes time to sod over an entire field. If your grounds just need a little touching up before a big event, our plugging and sprigging services are the perfect solution. As a "grass transplant", you get the benefits of full-grown sod without the hassle of total installation or having to wait for seeds to grow.

Plugging and sprigging services for:

  • Larger estates

  • Athletic fields

  • Golf courses

  • Municipalities

  • Pastures

  • Parks

Regrow your sod and get results quickly

While it's usually best to replace entire sections of sod all at once, we realize that is not the case with large acreage areas. When you're talking about a football field or park, plugging and sprigging are definitely the way to go. By focusing on specific troubled areas, we can make sure the sod throughout your field or park is achieving maximum growth.